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Having a company blog makes a lot of sense. offers a lot of value for a free blogging service but as soon as you need any functionality beyond the considerable free resources to give your blog some professional appeal, you have to pay a fee or there are limitations in place.Installing is a simple process which only takes a few minutes. Adding functionality and customizing can be quite time-consuming. There are some implications to choices you make during the process which you may not anticipate. This blog could be of help to you to make the right decision between and

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Ping: A Minutes’ Work, A World Of Traffic!

Blogging can be a very fulfilling activity: but what’s the point of laughing out loud at our own wit when no one else reads our posts? The sad reality of many blogs is that they are not read at all. So much for your hard work…

Now SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an industry for a reason: it’s too boring and complicated for anyone to be interested in pursuing it seriously except SEO experts and nerds. So let’s look for a quick and easy fix for mere mortals!

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