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Marketing & Internet Consultancy For SMBs

iMocial builds websites for SMBs including mobile websites

Mobile Websites, Online Store & Social Media Integration

iMocial is an internet consultancy that is ready to help you realize your website or mobile website. We build online stores, mobile websites, social media platforms…whatever the type of website you need : iMocial will build it for you against very attractive rates.

This includes full options for the integration of social media, social commerce or mobile commerce.Choose a standard website package>>

Online Strategy & Social Media Campagnes

Having a website just isn’t enough anymore if you want to be found. iMocial can advise you on a communication strategy that your website is an integral part of but that also includes social media assets, social media campagnes and advanced advertising methods including the use of shopping engines or a Facebook fanpage with it’s own shopping cart to name a few examples. And what about email? iMocial can setup email campagnes, email systems, autoresponders, or even a complete multichannel strategy. Read about customer’s experiences>>

Keep your website up to date

Developments in internet technology, social media and mobile internet are moving at a fast pace. iMocial keeps you informed and helps your website stay up to date. A pro-active attitude towards new market developments can give you the edge you need especially when you can implement new technologies in your site and online strategy, efficiently and against a very competitive price. What existing iMocial clients think of this pro-active attitude>>

iMocial can also migrate your site or mobile website and keep it up to date

Is your site or mobile website ready for the next generation?

iMocial not online builds new websites : we can also help you keep your existing website up to date. For instance : with the iMocial quick scan you can gain insight into possible improvements. We can also migrate your website to a userfriendly open source CMS to lessen your dependence on contractors and other third parties.

These types of platforms allow you to create and maintain content your self without any technical knowledge. In addition iMocial can write and optimize content for you. Contact us for more information>>

iMocial Builds Local & International Websites

iMocial helps build online the success of SMBs. Many of our customers are active in creative industries such as the music industry. Our attractive pricing options such as the standard website packages (as opposed to website projects with open ended budgets), are rated highly by many entrepreneurs. By taking advantage of open source packages such as wordpress, and by keeping overhead low, iMocial delivers excellent websites at a fraction of the cost. Read more about the WordPress CMS at WordPress.Org and compare our standard website packages>>

WordPress Specialist

iMocial is a WordPress specialist first and foremost. We deliver mobile websites & fluid- & flexible websites built in WordPress for all purposes. This does not mean that you are restricted to wordpress. iMocial builds websites in any CMS of your choice for shopping carts, blogs, content sites, portfolio sites…If you prefer to have your website built in Drupal, Joomla, a shopping cart CMS, or if you don’t want to use a CMS at all: we build it for you. Read more about iMocial>>

Read our blog

Read Our Blog

Read our blog to get the best info on social media sites and mobile applications. What opportunities do these developments offer small business owners?Read Our Blog>>

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