Social Media Users: Types, Age, Gender, Country

Social Media User Types

Recent surveys by Forrester and ComScore can teach us interesting things about the usage and worldwide distribution of social media. Forrester has mapped age, country and gender across seven types of social media users they’ve defined.

User Types By Age, Country And Gender

With the tool below you can quickly and easily find the characteristics that apply to the demographic of your interest by choosing three simple options:


Technographics Profiler Presentation

To learn more about what this means view the presentation below in which Forrester explains the main characteristics of the user types they have defined:

Social Media Penetration By Market

According to ComScore’s recent market penetration research, main social media sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter are most popular in the following countries:

Market Penetration Social Media


Social Media Penetration In The Dutch Market

For both Twitter and LinkedIn it appears that The Netherlands lead the way in number of users. The Dutch market seems to be something of an early adopter for new social technologies coming out of Silicon Valley. For instance: Amsterdam was the first European city to join Foursquare and although Twitter and LinkedIn penetration percentages are impressive Facebook is even more widely used. Surprisingly local player Hyves still heads the list of most popular social media in The Netherlands although it is loosing ground to Facebook.

96% of the online population in The Netherlands uses social media. Here’s where they spend their time:


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