The Vocalist Studio – Business Case

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The Vocalist Studio - Business Case

The Vocalist Studio – Business Case: TVS (short for The Vocalist Studio) is an international organization of voice coaches founded by world renowned vocal expert Robert Lunte. To help Rob and his large team of international voice coaches establish a world wide web presence and spread the TVS method around the globe, iMocial has built multiple websites with integrated mobile functionality and advanced ecommerce features. TVS has doubled it’s online revenue for several years in a row. Here are some examples of things iMocial has done to contribute to this success:

The Vocalist Studio – Business Case

When I first met Robert Lunte, Founder/CEO of The Vocalist Studio, he had a great product: a book (The Four Pillars Of Singing) detailing how singers can dramatically improve their performance and range and several DVD’s and CD’s in which he demonstrates his revolutionary technique, as well as a number of wordpress based websites for the TVS brand, and a number of vocal coaches/ franchisees in several European countries.

iMocial eCommerce Strategy For TVS

Robert’s immediate question was to create a strong ecommerce presence. In order to achieve this I compared a number of ecommerce platforms for him and wrote a concise report about the pro’s and con’s of each of them. On the basis of this he selected a platform and I built the site ( for him. Over time we’ve gotten together more often and we’ve expanded on the possibilities of his store by adding features such as:

  • A Linked store on his Facebook Fanpage (as well as the Fanpage itself);
  • Product- and category pages with optimized texts, videos, photo galleries, Advanced fields with additional info (ISBN, SKU etc.);
  • An affiliate program including banner ads and correctly set up for payments and affiliate percentages;
  • Integration with third party services and sharing tools such as: Google analytics, Google maps, Twitter, Facebook, reviews etc;
  • Integration with other main sites of Robert Lunte and/or The Vocalist Studio;
  • Secure browsing and safe payment processing and other guarantees including: SSL, Trustee and more;
  • Special deals, page peels and other marketing features including integration with Shopping Engines such as Google Shopping, Bing, and others;

iMocial Content & Mobile Strategy For TVS

Robert also had a number of content websites including Over the years iMocial has consulted him to keep upgrading and improving the features and functionality of his sites as they expanded to include a multi-lingual presence all over the globe including French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, British and German websites. And related sites such as Seattle Voice Training, TVS Masterclasses, TVS Certified Instructors and more. In order to strenghten these sites and add or build new ones, continuous improvements were made including:

  • Taking full advantage of the possibilities of a professionally designed theme and optimizing it;
  • Rewriting content for better SEO and conversion and adding it to search engines and social media;
  • Creating numerous multi-lingual sites and assisting native speakers in optimizing content;
  • Optimizing social media features, media features, security features and contact options including an interactive calendar;
  • Optimizing content to be more user friendly and converting better;
  • Designing and implementing a mobile version of each site including an IPhone and IPad app;

The iMocial Consultancy Method

What Would I Do If This Were My Website?

These are just examples of the things iMocial has done for Robert Lunte and The Vocalist Studio. I could name more examples, but the main thing is this: over several years, iMocial has been a partner for The Vocalist Studio by continuously suggesting new developments on the web, looking critically at content and processes and suggesting ways to make them better. This can include extensive research, consultancy, planning and implementation within budget and time. The central question:”What would I do if this were my website?” sums up any and all examples of improvements I could mention here. If you like this mentality: contact us to make an appointment or for more information on iMocial internet consultancy services.

This Is What Robert Lunte, Founder/CEO Of TVS
Has To Say About iMocial Consultancy Services

Robert Lunte, Founder/CEO on The Vocalist Studio - Business Case

“Job Folbert of iMocial was extremely helpful in focusing our strategy for and implementing necessary changes to almost all of our many websites for vocalists. He helped out with advice, redesign and new builds of community sites, blogs, storefronts, directory sites, affiliate programs, forum sites, email campaigning, databases, mobile sites and integration of social media such as Twitter, Facebook and other third party services including Google Analytics. All of this at an incredible value.

Job is a great project manager who will step in any time to do anything required. He takes a personal interest in your business and success. Job feels a project is not complete, until it is completed to the satisfaction of his client.

Another aspect I really appreciate about contracting with Job is he produces very professional research on possible solutions for your company and presents them in a very organized and cohesive manner which makes it easier for you to select a solution for your business. Job not only does the work, but he does the research too, its really great.

I recommend his services and iMocial to anyone that wants to feel confident in something getting done well with no disappointments.”

Service Category: IT Consultant
Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative

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